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Tauranga South Community Patrol
About Us

Tauranga South Community Patrol Working Side by Side with Police to make our community a safer and better place to live

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Who Are We ?

Tauranga South Community Patrol is affiliated with the national body, CPNZ (Community Patrols New Zealand). CPNZ was first formed in 2001 and today it supports over 5000 members spread over 130 community patrols throughout New Zealand.

Our office and patrol car are based at the Greerton Police Station

Currently Tauranga South Community Patrol has around 39 active members. We are now looking for more people to join us so if you have a genuine desire to make a difference in the community please be sure to contact us.

We try to put out a Patrol each day and most nights so we can keep a high profile in our community.

If you are interested in learning more or wish to join us please use the contact us page to get information on how best to get in touch.

The image compilation above is a visual representation of some of the things we see and what we report. All Tauranga South Community Patrolers are professionally trained in first aid. While we do not confront offenders and do not make arrests, we are able to direct Police to offenders that can result in an arrest being made.

Why Established?

To assist the Police by:

  • Raising awareness of crime prevention by having a presence in the community
  • Helping to keep our community safer
  • Helping to build a stronger and more resilient community
  • Serving as “the eyes and ears of the Police”
  • Serving as “the eyes and ears of the Community

What We Need To Do

We need to Fund Raise so we can stay operational and support our operation.
Click here to see how we do our Fundraising

What We Have Done

To get an idea of what we do and how many hours we spend on patrol click this link to Tauranga South Community Patrol Statistics

What We Do

Stated Simply

Our role is to assist the Police with crime prevention by being “the eyes and ears” for both the Police and the Community.

We will do our best to take on any role that will free up front line Police so they can focus on priority issues within the community

We do this by:


Tauranga South Community Patrol Patrol Car Image

Patrolling the streets in a designated Patrol vehicle covering residential, business and industrial areas

You wil see us doing foot patrols at local shopping centres Tauranga South Community Patrol Foot Patrol Approaching Image

Tauranga South Community Patrol Interacting with Business owners Image


Interacting with local business owners


Undertaking surveillance and observation

Tauranga South Community Patrol Observations Image

Tauranga South Community Patrol Reporting to Police Image


Intelligence gathering and recording information

Alerting Police to any indications of suspicious or potentially criminal activity

Tauranga South Community Patrol Suspicious Activity Image

Tauranga South Reporting to Police Comms Image


Suspicious or potentially criminal activity is reported directly to Police Comms by radio or phone

Watching out for stolen vehicles, looking for offenders
Tauranga South Community Patrol Looking for Stolen Vehicles Image

Tauranga South Community Patrol Traffic Control Image

Assisting Police in other ways, e.g. traffic control at breakdowns, vehicle crashes and manning Police cordons
Working during the day and late at night for the community


Tauranga South Community Patrol Night Patrol Image

Tauranga South Community Patrol at Special Events Image

Participating at local community events
Fundraising to keep operational


Tauranga South Community Patrol Fund Raising Image

Remember "If you see something say something"

NZ Police and CPNZ Safer Communities Together Image